Saturday, 21 May 2016

Branding? Simplification?

Quotes from an article I liked a lot. What if all of citizen efforts in contributing to a better public space are turned around [you might want to call it re-hacking] by those with access to tools of dissemination and control are bluntly used for placemaking and it's ultimate consequence: citybranding?

"The point is that the over-simplified, univocal and hegemonic representations at the basis of city branding leave little room for pluralism, reflexivity and multiple gazes." 

See more at: Amateur Cities - a great site, anyways.

If, as the new slogan for Budapest is apparently being developed as you read this, a slogan is dubbed, the matrix of consequences starts unravelling and countering the ensuing narrative is a tough job. With the new slogan for Budapest 'the city that unites', a open strategy seems to follow. However, practicalities on the 'floor' prevent homeless people from sleeping in parks, but do welcome English stag parties dwelling around the city. Prevent poor people to live in their original neighbourhoods but pressure them to accept a sum of money and make way for the gentrification agents. Once you are no longer part of an 'uniting' force, you are ever more excluded from this unification process. As always, unifying some means excluding others.

Click here for an update on the branding strategy.

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