Saturday, 21 May 2016

Observing a 'seemingly-functioning-park' under construction


Cars, taxies, motors, bikes, strollers, drive by
“Cobblestone surface is not ‘child friendly’ so it should all be replaced by concrete”
Sun is shining
Birds sing
UFO is still present
The bins are super full…. Something must have happened here last night
Park is 75 Bart-steps wide
Park is 130 Bart-steps long
Atmosphere in the park is relaxed

Human behaviour

Male person freshens up at public water facility and coughs a lot
Kids who carried the chairs for the public meeting make fun of him by imitating the coughing
Another local brings his own chair
City council official opens by asking the male attendees to get the chairs and put them so everybody can sit.
The forum-setting is staged in the park using ‘indoor’ furniture
Cripple woman comes walking in straight line over the grass to join the meeting
Super big guy in black carrying his newly bought bread stopping at the talk… listens and walks on leaving the park on the opposite side.
Male person is feeding the doves from a bench away from the gathering as if nothing is happening
People come and go some of them in sports outfit
A male person in the audience takes the mic, being the first responder
Neighbour listens to the talks from his fourth floor apartment listening with his hands behind his ears
Older man is reading the newspaper in the shade…. Away from the gathering
5 dogs and their owners are present in the audience
A little princess passes by together with her Asian-like parents
More and more people from the audience start responding to the city council information and one and other
Guards walk up to a group (Pitbull and owner, girlfriend and three friends) since the talk and laugh to loud…. Almost annoying the meeting…
Mountain bikes cross the park
Mobile rings and is being answered
Camera men comes in to shoot the forum situ
Construction men and excavator have left…... it is Saturday
Pitbull and owner are still at the bench


A garden of ‘wild looking’ plants will be realised
2 persons imitating dove sounds
grass in the park is higher than average
grass on none gentrified area site is of less quality then on the other site
several birds fly over

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